• Includes executive GFAVIP membership
  • Exposure Across all GFA channels
  • Prioritized Company review listing
  • Proposal for GFA Deals
  • Event exposure and branding
  • Event Tickets & gift bonuses

If your company wants to align with the cross border business community – then Global From Asia is your top choice! As a market leader and top educator in the market via online blogs, podcast, videos, events and more!

We would love to partner with your qualified company.

Many of our Company Partners have enjoyed GFA’s content and events over the years and found this package to be the best way they can get involved and support the growing community.

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  • Show you exclusive deals
  • Meet new business partners
  • Create massive value
  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Be a leader in your industry
  • Do something worth waking up for

One of the most popular way fans of Global From Asia like to engage with GFA partners division is through investing. Over the years a lot of deals and opportunities pass through our virtual desk – and we are working on connecting those opportunities with the network of investors in our audience.

Sound interesting? This is a currently a closed program and to find out more please contact GFA partners.

Let’s Do An Event Together


Are you an event organizer and see massive potential and value that can be had when working with Global From Asia’s brand and network? Let’s start the conversation.

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Let’s Make a Deep Long Term Deal


If you’re ready to start a new joint venture, or grow a new business based on what you see with what you can do with Global From Asia’s network and resources – we would love to talk!.

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Global From Asia is smack dab in the middle of the cross border ecommerce and trading industry.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Logistics and Services
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Networking


Education: we want people to know what they are investing in. Excellence: if we do something , we want to be the best. Honesty: If things aren’t working, we want it to be out there. Transparency: Let others learn from what we are doing.



Global From Asia (GFA) is about the current shift in the world as Asia as the center for doing international business – more specifically called cross border business. Businesses are online, mobile, and not in 1 country anymore.

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