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Over time we have realized – we can’t create all the content ourselves – we need to have quality content partners to ensure that we are delivering continual value to our readers, listeners, and viewers.

Here are some examples of how we make synergies with content creators:Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas

  • Guest post – this one we love! If you have a topic idea for an amazing and high quality article on the GFA blog – we would love to make that happen. Check out our Guest blog guidelines and submit a proposal via the form below
  • Podcast Channel – We made a Spanish Language podcast – On top of the Cross Border Summit Colombia event – we have built together with Infinite Group Asia a Spanish language podcast for Global From Asia. You can check it out at and subscribe.
  • News column – We love our readers – and many love us! We have started to open up a news site where we give a column to people to share news and updates. One is Bennett, and he has been contributing on where we include snippets of his business news in our weekly GFA pulse newsletter.

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