Strategic Alliance

Are you looking for something a little more close and personal? Maybe you have a new business model concept that you can find a way to leverage the GFA (Global From Asia) community? This is leveraging the community we have with his business model concept and execution. If you have a passion for a new type of business model that you don’t see Global From Asia doing - and are willing to help on the execution and delivery of this - we would love to hear from you!

On A Case By Case Situation

We can evaluate your business opportunity and form a long term strategic alliance. Some examples of what we are looking for.

  • Complimentary skillsets
  • Syngergies in audiences
  • Financial resources
  • Existing client base
  • Referral network

So what are you waiting for? Let's do this

A Case Study

One of our active community members and speakers brings to us a new group buying site idea for the cross border business community. He has relationships with vendors as well as legal resources to assist with the contracts and confirming the deals. We form GFA Deals and have an ongoing profit share of all deals that come from this strategic alliance. is born.

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About GFA Partners

GFA (Global From Asia) Partners is a division to bring value to the community through the growing network and audience. From affiliate to strategic alliance and JV (joint venture) – we are open to hearing it! Learn More About The Formats

How does GFA direct traffic and leads to my website?

We have a few different ways we can cooperate with you and send traffic and leads and even paying customers (on a case by case basis) to your business. Here are the options:

Form on our website - we have many forms on our website to help our visitors connect with the right service provider. They are found while reading blogs, help pages, and other audio and video content on the site. When the visitor completes the form they are told a partner company will be in touch soon. This information is then routed to your sales and business development team for followup.

Button / Link to your website - the most common way is to have a button on our website that sends the visitor to your website. We can have various methods to track the clicks and traffic to your website. This is best if the page we are sending the visitor to is customized for the offer mentioned, and in clear English with clear directions.

Sell a specific offer - As mentioned in the intro, on a case by case basis, we can sell a product or service you are offering directly on Global From Asia. We are building out more offers and deals site packages. If you would like us to sell your service on your behalf, or put together a special package to offer on our deals site, please speak to your representative.

As an added bonus - we suggest to give them a reason to say they came from Global From Asia - such as a coupon or accelerated review and reply.

How long does it take?

Depends! If an affiliate - almost immediate, if a strategic partners, months or even years!

Which product categories are most common among participants?

Most common product category would be in consumer electronics and home/kitchenware. Although I think you know many sellers do not like to disclose their ASIN 😉