Frequently Asked Questions

How does GFA direct traffic and leads to my website?

We have a few different ways we can cooperate with you and send traffic and leads and even paying customers (on a case by case basis) to your business. Here are the options:

Form on our website - we have many forms on our website to help our visitors connect with the right service provider. They are found while reading blogs, help pages, and other audio and video content on the site. When the visitor completes the form they are told a partner company will be in touch soon. This information is then routed to your sales and business development team for followup.

Button / Link to your website - the most common way is to have a button on our website that sends the visitor to your website. We can have various methods to track the clicks and traffic to your website. This is best if the page we are sending the visitor to is customized for the offer mentioned, and in clear English with clear directions.

Sell a specific offer - As mentioned in the intro, on a case by case basis, we can sell a product or service you are offering directly on Global From Asia. We are building out more offers and deals site packages. If you would like us to sell your service on your behalf, or put together a special package to offer on our deals site, please speak to your representative.

As an added bonus - we suggest to give them a reason to say they came from Global From Asia - such as a coupon or accelerated review and reply.

Are you more interested in Global From Asia’s online community? (More Online)

We have put together a more online version of the GFA Partners package for those who are interested in the online community we have put together.

GFA Webinars - we have live webinars on a regular basis, and these are what we call EVENTS - except online. We invite guests from your company to join us, cover some educational content, and of course make a special offer on the end of the webinar for a limited time - to drive conversion.

GFA deals - This is a case-by-case situation, but if we can put together a fixed price offer that is at a super low price then we can combine this with the GFA webinar offer and put on our Deals site.

GFA social media - by participating in our GFA webinar series, you will get extra exposure on our online social media via our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, and other channels. We can customize the channels and markets you are looking for based on the requirements you have.

Is CBS and CBM a non-profit?

Many feel these events and this community is non profit! It is because we pour so many resources into these events the value and output is amazing. But as it stands now, these are for-profit events underneath the GFA community. There is a discussion about making these into non-profits and being fully transparent with the community on the financials, as we have seen this having more impact with other organizations. Yet to be honest, the events are heavily invested and while people think they earn a lot of money, they are mostly building awareness and branding for the community as a whole.

What is the difference between CBM and CBS events?

So now that you understand what GFA, CBS, and CBM are - what is the difference with these 2 events? CBS, Cross Border Summit, is a multiple day event where we take top leaders and experts in the community and have them share their knowledge, experiences and stories to an audience of 200+ people. We have this no more than twice a year globally as we want to have the biggest impact and focus our community’s attention on the CBS Event.

CBM, Cross border Matchmaker, is less about speakers and more about round tables and business speed dating. It is a full day event where we bring together experts in the local and international community to share their knowledge and expertise in the form of round tables of 8 to 12 people. So imagine a conference room full of round tables with experts connecting with those in the community and rotating throughout the day. The frequency of this event and the exact structure is also dependent on that local market’s demands.

What is the difference of GFA, CBM, CBS?

GFA, Global From Asia is the main brand of the community of cross border business executives. CBS and CBM are events - Cross Border Summit and Cross Border Matchmaker respectively, that we are doing. Sometimes the events CBS and CBM, we take on alliances with other communities and organizations - meaning there are co-organizers - to help broaden the reach and make an even more impactful event. But the short answer is - GFA is the community, CBM and CBS are events.

Changing/Updating details on a posted paid review

For every posted review, it is deemed final. Request for changes (due to changes in company name, or logo, or whatever it is), is subject for a change fee. That, or you can sign up for a yearly package. To be clear, changes are not as easy as deleting something then copying and pasting new details.

I'm a Marketing Agency, Can we Cooperate?

Sure! We think you yourself as a company can benefit from connecting in our community as a GFA partner. On top of that, you can also bring in some of your clients as a GFA partner and we can work out a win-win deal. The idea is we are a channel for companies to connect in the cross border community.

Do you have a list of your previous events?

for previous events - lists them out - our main events are and

What ROI Should I Expect?

Yes, this is business and we are all in it for the same reasons - to make a return on our investment (ROI). By being a GFA partner you should expect the following: your brand to be associated with GFA across various online media channels - blog, podcast, review site, video series. Also event exposure, members program connections, and opportunity to launch a GFA deal to the community. This is a long term investment in growing your brand in the GFA community, but of course there is the direct sales and connections you will also receive. Talk to your account rep for more specifics.

How Many Sponsors Will You Have? Will People See My Brand?

Good question! Depending on your package, your brand will have different visibility. If you are on the GFA partner package- you will have your brand on the "GFA Partner Wall" of logos and also if you are at the event a chance to introduce your company for 10 - 20 minutes. If you would like additional branding - talk to your account rep for Gold sponsor packages.


Event tickets range from $100 USD to $900 USD for a VIP ticket depending on the ticket level and which event (CBM or CBS). Please speak to a GFA partners account rep to get a current proposal.

What skill is requested most?

Everyone is looking to grow their sales! Marketing tactics, growth hacking. The secondary skill is for those coming from overseas looking to source and manage supply chain in China better.

Are most participants NA, EU or Asia based?

About 30% are those coming from overseas (US, EU, Australia) The 70% are Asia based Western business owners (China, Southeast Asia) and local Chinese / local Asia business owners coming for an international / English language event.

What do you want your participants to gain from attending

Cross Border Summit is a multiple day event with 30+ speakers - the attendees come for multiple reasons, mainly to learn new tactics in the industry but also the face to face value of meeting speakers and attendees to build their relationships and grow their network. Cross Border Matchmaker is purely around networking with one one on business speed dating and round tables. This is for learning from experts as well as their peers in the industry and build lasting business relationships.

Total participants

Cross border Summit aims for 300 Cross border Matchmakers are more often and regional and target 150 people

How big are the organizations (one woman shows or larger firms)

The majority are mid sized operations with online teams (aka digital nomads). That doesn’t mean they are small, but rather that means they are operating a growing ecommerce business and following the tactics and strategies outlined on Global From Asia to grow a modern day empire from anywhere.

What are Past attendees profiles?

To give a range, we have had established sellers from Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines come to meet the speakers and learn new hacks to grow their sales. Those coming from overseas such as USA are there to learn more insights about managing supply chain and sourcing from China (as they are coming for the trade show season) Many are fans of Global From Asia and have grown their business over the years after listening to the show and gaining knowledge and insights.

How far along are they with their products (everyone in productions and selling or are they still figuring out product design)

The majority are already selling and looking how to optimize and scale their businesses. Those coming from overseas are here to learn about how to better do business with China, those already here are looking for more marketing hacks and tactics.

Which product categories are most common among participants?

Most common product category would be in consumer electronics and home/kitchenware. Although I think you know many sellers do not like to disclose their ASIN 😉

How long does it take?

Depends! If an affiliate - almost immediate, if a strategic partners, months or even years!